Travel Lifestyle

If you are a man or a woman in the age between 21 and 30 years old, flu­ent in Eng­lish and dream­ing of trav­el­ling the world and work­ing in a highly inter­na­tion­al envir­on­ment I have good news for YOU!
You are on your best way to achieve your goals and ful­fill your dreams if you decide to become a cab­in crew in one of the pres­ti­gi­ous air­lines in the Middle East, such as Emir­ates, Eti­had or Qatar Air­ways.

After hav­ing spent many years in inter­na­tion­al avi­ation, includ­ing being a cab­in crew myself, trav­el­ling to almost 100 coun­tries, work­ing with more than 100 nation­al­it­ies, con­duc­ted 100 if not more recruit­ment cam­paigns, inter­viewed hun­dreds of can­did­ates for the role of a cab­in crew I am prob­ably the best per­son access­ible to you to guide you on how to estab­lish a travel life­style and cre­ate the life you dream of by becom­ing a cab­in crew for the 5 star air­lines based in The Middle East.

I con­sult avi­ation can­did­ates on:

  • applic­a­tion doc­u­ments pre­par­a­tion
  • recruit­ment pro­cess pre­par­a­tion
  • cre­at­ing the best pos­sible impres­sion on recruit­ers
  • max­im­iz­ing their chances dur­ing assess­ment
  • devel­op­ing skills desired by 5 star air­lines
  • get­ting ready to relo­cate and adapt in a new envir­on­ment.
Dur­ing a 60 minutes indi­vidu­al ses­sion
(con­duc­ted face to face or over Skype) I am able to answer such ques­tions as:
  • I want to travel the world in class and style but I can’t afford it, how can I achieve it? Where to start?
  • Is a cab­in crew life­style for me?
  • What is it like to work and live in Dubai?
  • Do I have chances in the recruit­ment pro­cess?
  • What are the air­line recruit­ers look­ing for?
  • I was unsuc­cess­ful dur­ing recruit­ment, do I still have chances?
You deserve a travel life­style you will love. We can help. Start with a free tri­al con­sulta­tion.