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Life after flying

Individual Mentoring Program Offer

Create a career and a new lifestyle on your own terms

  • Are you look­ing for new dir­ec­tions for your work life?
  • Are you stuck in a career you don’t enjoy any­more?
  • Are you tired of unsat­is­fy­ing rosters?
  • Do you feel you can achieve more but are afraid of the unknown?
  • Do you wish to have a more bal­anced and healthy life­style?
  • Do you lack the clar­ity to know what prac­tic­al steps to take in order to expand your career?
  • Do you feel con­fused about what to do next?

Starting a new chapter in your life

I know that as glam­or­ous as fly­ing appears to be, there is a high price paid for it by cab­in crews: night shifts, irreg­u­lar sleep, inab­il­ity to stay healthy, not being in charge of one’s life, a life­style devoid of sta­bil­ity and much more. 

Based on my own exper­i­ence and that of many oth­er ex-cab­in crew mem­bers, we know that chan­ging careers after a life of fly­ing can be over­whelm­ing: uncer­tainty of where to go, start­ing again from zero, relo­cat­ing and adapt­ing to a new place, secur­ing fin­ances, fear of fail­ure – all of these are ser­i­ous chal­lenges. 

If these are the challenges you face,
keep on reading,
as you are definitely in the right place.

Guided by someone who has done it before, has walked that path, gained the exper­i­ence and is will­ing to share it and sup­port your career and life­style makeover makes a huge dif­fer­ence. It will save you time by equip­ping you with life-tested tools and solu­tions, to enable you to enjoy life without unne­ces­sary stress. 

A life on your own terms

As one who has been in your shoes and who truly wished I had someone to guide me on a path to inde­pend­ence, for­ging a new career while con­tinu­ing to travel the world, I looked to my own exper­i­ences to change my life. At the moment I am run­ning my own com­pany, which allows me to be in charge of my own sched­ule as well as to travel the world.

Your career should stimulate, excite and fulfil
– not frustrate and restrict.

I have cre­ated a prac­tic­al ment­or­ing pro­gram based on and ded­ic­ated to the life­style skills unique to cab­in crews on a pro­fes­sion­al level, and to lov­ers of free­dom who want to live and work on their own terms.

It will guide you step-by-step toward cre­at­ing a life you desire.

It is a solu­tion for those who want to cre­ate their own timetables, to be in charge of their lives, ful­fil their poten­tial, to enjoy more peace, pleas­ure and sat­is­fac­tion, but who do not have a point from where to start.

Create your own roster

The indi­vidu­al ment­or­ing pro­gram has been cre­ated to empower you through a strategy that enables you to cre­ate a new vis­ion for your life­style and career, to dis­cov­er your strengths and skills, to cre­ate an action plan that will ini­ti­ate real trans­form­a­tion in your life.

With this mentoring program,
you will be able to:

  • Dis­cov­er your pas­sion and your career pur­pose, so you can be assured you are head­ing in a right dir­ec­tion.
  • Identi­fy and change dis­cour­aging beliefs about your­self and oth­ers, so noth­ing can stop you from pos­it­ive career trans­form­a­tion.
  • Remove the bar­ri­ers to your own cre­ativ­ity and innov­a­tion, so you can and embrace new chal­lenges and oppor­tun­it­ies.
  • Resign from your job with the know­ledge of what’s in store for you, so that you can be con­fid­ent on what steps to take in order to start a new chapter of your career and life­style.
  • Have the sup­port of someone who has been in your situ­ation, so when you get stuck, you are not left alone.
  • Cre­ate a more healthy and happy life­style, so you can for­get about work­ing over­time and overnight.
  • Dis­cov­er ways of apply­ing your strengths and skills in a new area, so that you know which industry or a role will be most suit­able for you.
  • Learn how to make a suc­cess­ful trans­ition with total con­fid­ence.
  • Be a part of a vibrant com­munity of like-minded people, so that you can stay inspired, motiv­ated and explore more oppor­tun­it­ies.

The Life After Flying


0 hours

of indi­vidu­al career design ses­sions
0 months

of sup­port: you will get an online access to me, in case you have any fol­low up ques­tions or quer­ies

During this time you will

Build a real­ist­ic vis­ion of your dream career.

Thanks to prac­tic­al tools, you will gain clar­ity regard­ing what to do next, dis­cov­er what is stop­ping you from going for­ward, so you can accel­er­ate and go for a career that will give you more sat­is­fac­tion, and encour­age you to grow and devel­op.

You will exam­ine and under­stand your per­son­al­ity, dis­cov­er your untapped strengths and access skills that you can apply in your next job or pro­ject. Life After Fly­ing ment­or­ing pro­gram will help you decide what job or occu­pa­tion will be most suit­able and sat­is­fy­ing for you. You will find how good it to really know your­self, and the more you know your­self, the more you’ll be able to dis­cov­er what you really need in life. How else are you going to know what kind of pro­ject to under­take, or in what envir­on­ment you actu­ally belong in?

You will devel­op your Fin­an­cial IQ and mas­ter money man­age­ment skills. 

I will provide you with tips and tech­niques on budget­ing, plan­ning, invest­ing and grow­ing your money. You will learn how to start invest­ing with very little money and start think­ing like an investor. Armed with these tips, you will alle­vi­ate the fin­an­cial stress in your life. You will learn how to afford to travel around the world after you quit fly­ing. 

You will learn what per­son­al brand­ing is, how to be the best ver­sion of your­self and how to com­mu­nic­ate it to the world. 

You will learn exactly how to show­case your value and make employ­ers come after you.

At the end of the ment­or­ing, you will be able to align your social media pro­files so that they show­case your pro­fes­sion­al­ism and skills, as desired in the job mar­ket. Moreover, you will dis­cov­er at least 10 chan­nels for pro­mot­ing your­self, with the goal of mak­ing an impact in your career.

Life after Fly­ing Ment­or­ing Pro­gram with me will help you make the trans­ition from the career and life you have today, to the health­i­er hap­pi­er, more suc­cess­ful career and life­style you want for your future.

Exclusive designed specifically for busy crews

Tools for Success-Oriented Individual

A per­son­al innov­a­tion ebook

Release your back pain

A yoga video

Free 30 min career discovery call

Case study

Edyta Przybyła. Former cab­in crew with nation­al air­line of Bahrain – Gulf Air. After­wards, she worked in mar­ket­ing, media and pro­mo­tion, real estate and edu­ca­tion fields. When she met and star­ted work­ing with Katar­zyna, she already had a rich exper­i­ence and a lot of skills, yet Edyta had dif­fi­culty in apply­ing them and decid­ing how to nav­ig­ate her career to gain more free­dom and healthy bal­ance in her life. 


Today, thanks to the strategy laid out in “Life after Fly­ing” ment­or­ing pro­gram Edyta is work­ing towards being an inde­pend­ent entre­pren­eur, she found busi­ness part­ners and is estab­lish­ing own com­pany in the field of tour­ism and con­sult­ing, that will allow her to work from where she is and still travel the world. 

What to Do Next?

The invest­ment is $988 (excl. VAT), for an instant access to your career design and change.

Prob­ably this will be the best invest­ment you have made for your career and life­style.

About the author

Katarzyna Richter

ex-cab­in crew and inf­light recruit­er, 

founder and CEO of www.dealwithculture.com

My name is Katar­zyna Richter and I have suc­cess­fully com­pleted a path from Cab­in Crew to CEO. I have worked as a cab­in crew for Emir­ates, Eti­had and Gulf Air and as an in-flight recruit­ment officer for Qatar Air­ways. I have made nearly 10 relo­ca­tion moves in my life, lived and worked in six for­eign coun­tries and, most import­antly, cre­ated a life on my own terms. 

Today I man­age a boutique cross-cul­tur­al and train­ing agency called www.dealwithculture.com. I help busi­ness people to under­stand the mind­set of indi­vidu­als from vari­ous coun­tries and cul­tures, in order to com­mu­nic­ate bet­ter and gen­er­ate more suc­cess in busi­ness. I sup­port young entre­pren­eurs by help­ing them devel­op a glob­al mind­set and build a strong per­son­al brand. I am also a body­work prac­ti­tion­er and yoga instruct­or. 

I still travel, deliv­er train­ing ses­sions and key­note speeches inter­na­tion­ally, appear on TV news pro­grammes and proudly cre­ate my own roster that I love. 

Let me assist you in your own career trans­ition and show you how to cre­ate a life­style you truly want.  

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Do you want to live on your own terms?


Once you reserve your spot, you will receive a free dis­cov­ery call from Katar­zyna Richter with­in 3 work­ing days, which will determ­ine the areas you want to work on and ensure if Life After Fly­ing Ment­or­ing Pro­gram is suit­able for you.

All inform­a­tion you share with me, from the very first enquiry to your post-ment­or­ing feed­back is treated as private and con­fid­en­tial. I value your pri­vacy above all and ensure cli­ents pri­vacy is con­sist­ently pro­tec­ted.

You can reach me on my e‑mail: kr@dealwithculture.com or vis­it my web­site: www.dealwithculture.com

The Life After Fly­ing Ment­or­ing Pro­gram is ded­ic­ated to cab­in crew who are ser­i­ous about mak­ing import­ant changes in their career and life­style.

Sure, I am work­ing with many cli­ents and not all of them are cab­in crew, but all of them bene­fit from strategies and ideas, which I am shar­ing in my pro­gram. I am sup­port­ing a loc­a­tion inde­pend­ent life­style and answer the needs of people who cher­ish free­dom as well as those who care for career devel­op­ment and a healthy life­style.

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