A complimentary online workshop

Explore your potential and take first step towards your dream life and career in 3 days

  • START: 4 Novem­ber, 9 am [UK time]

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • Are you stuck in a bor­ing or tir­ing job?
  • Are you tired of roster con­trolling your life?
  • Do you feel you can achieve more, but are afraid of the unknown?
  • Do you wish to have more bal­anced and healthy life­style?
  • Are you fed up of feel­ing lonely and exper­i­en­cing lack of attach­ment to places and people?
  • Do you want to change your career and life­style but do not know where to start?
  • Do you lack the clar­ity to know what prac­tic­al steps to take in order to expand your career?

Change brings opportunity.

Let’s explore together how to make the best of it.

In this 3‑day online workshop you will learn:

  • How to identi­fy your strengths and trans­fer­able skills?
  • How to expand your career hori­zon and be ready for the next step?
  • What are the 3 dif­fer­ences between the entre­pren­eur and employ­ee mind­sets?
  • What does it take to cre­ate your career and life­style around your pas­sion?
  • How to handle tricky inter­view ques­tions?

All this know­ledge will provide you clar­ity in think­ing, inspir­a­tion to take fur­ther steps and con­fid­ence to pur­sue your jour­ney towards dream career and life­style.


  • 4 Novem­ber (Monday)
    10 – 11:00 am (Frank­furt time),
    9 – 10:00 am (UK time)
  • 5 Novem­ber (Tues­day),
    10 – 11:00 am (Frank­furt time),
    9 – 10:00 am (UK time)
  • 6 Novem­ber (Wed­nes­day),
    10 – 11:00 am (Frank­furt time),
    9 – 10:00 am (UK time)


Katarzyna Richter

ex-cab­in crew and inf­light recruit­er, founder and CEO of dealwithculture.com

My name is Katar­zyna Richter and I have suc­cess­fully com­pleted a path from Cab­in Crew to CEO. I have worked as a cab­in crew for Emir­ates, Eti­had and Gulf Air and as an in-flight recruit­ment officer for Qatar Air­ways.

I have made nearly 10 relo­ca­tion moves in my life, lived and worked in six for­eign coun­tries and, most import­antly, cre­ated a life on my own terms.


I man­age my own com­pany called dealwithculture.com. I help inter­na­tion­al com­pan­ies in tal­ent acquis­i­tion, last year I recruited over 500 staff mem­bers. I sup­port young entre­pren­eurs by help­ing them devel­op a glob­al mind­set and build a strong per­son­al brand. 

I am also a body­work prac­ti­tion­er and yoga instruct­or. 

I still travel, deliv­er train­ing ses­sions and key­note speeches inter­na­tion­ally, appear on TV news pro­grams and proudly cre­ate my own roster that I love. 

Let me assist you in your own career trans­ition and show you how to cre­ate a life­style you truly want.




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Explore your poten­tial and take first step towards your dream life and career in 3 days.

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