CQ Trainings For Business

I provide tail­or made train­ings and work­shops for com­pan­ies that are inter­ested in devel­op­ing glob­al efect­ive­ness. Trough build­ing Cul­tur­al Intel­li­gence par­ti­cipants learn about them­selves, open their minds and expand hori­zons.
Moreover they under­stand cross cul­tur­al dif­fer­ences in a busi­ness set­ting and learn how to over­come com­mu­nic­a­tion dif­fi­culties and how to tol­er­ate ambi­gu­ity.
Improve your busi­ness per­form­ance when col­lab­or­at­ing with part­ners from oth­er coun­tries. Inter­ested? Ask for details.

  • Liv­ing and work­ing in the Middle East- GCC region
  • Work­ing effect­ively across cul­tures
  • Devel­op­ing inter­cul­tur­al com­pet­ence
  • Mov­ing abroad-man­aging the change & hand­ling cul­ture shock
  • Cul­tur­al Com­pet­ence for the ser­vice industry

Bliski Wschód. Różnice międzykul­tur­owe w biznesie

You deserve to be con­fid­ent in a cross cul­tur­al busi­ness envir­on­ment. We can help.
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