Katarzyna Dorosz Editor in chief Manhattan Business
Ms Katarzyna Richter has been cooperating with Manhattan Business in the role of cross- cultural journalist.
Ms Katarzyna is professional, displaying communication skills and engagement at the level required by her business partners. She can take fast and correct decisions.
A journalist is a role, which requires asking right questions, as all the answers are within each one of us.
Creativity and fluency in moving across all continents are her added value. Katarzyna is particularly ambitious and methodical in her approach to work. Cooperation with her develops people who work with her.

Katarzyna Dorosz
Agnieszka Klonowska
When I have taken decision about transferring my professional life to Dubai I have requested a consultation with Katarzyna Richter. I value her expertise in cross-cultural environment of Persian Gulf region. Our cooperation turned out to be very straightforward and effective. I received plenty of useful tips, starting from application documents, trough action roadmap and professional image creation. All in line with local rules and trends.
I do recommend working with Kasia both for individuals and companies who would like to expand their business horizons in UAE. Cross cultural differences are significant and it is beneficial to prepare for a new cooperation conditions.

Agnieszka Klonowska
It is not only great advices and helping-hand what Kasia can give you but she will also motivate you so you belive that Your dreams can come true! She is so incredibly patient, ready to answer a big amount of your questions, even the most silly ones-:) and dispel any of your doubts. My dream came true so now I believe impossible is nothing! Thank you Kasia:)